Greyhound Semen Purchase – Terms of Sale

Upon payment of the purchase price, being received in full as cleared funds, the seller (Sires On Ice) will as soon as reasonably practical:

      1. Dispatch the goods to, or as directed by the buyer

      2. Lodge the transfer of ownership application (F10) with Greyhounds Australasia or relevant authority as required

      3. Issue a tax invoice/receipt to the buyer


A service is only guaranteed to the original purchaser, no return or refund is applicable if the service has been on sold to a subsequent owner (unless previously confirmed in writing by the seller)

If the bitch fails to conceive, the seller will either, in its absolute discretion:

A - Refund the purchase price to the buyer
      Less 10% if the bitch is under 8 years
      Less 50% if the bitch is 8 -9 years of age
      *Over 9 years of age, no money will be refunded unless otherwise agreed in writing prior to purchase


B Replace the goods with
A frozen breeding unit from the same stud dog provided that the said stud dog is alive and fertile, and the cost of such goods has not increased since purchase. If the cost of the goods has increased since purchase, then any such replacement will be subject to the buyer paying the difference in value to the seller or,
A frozen semen breeding unit from another stud dog of equal value to the goods which is available to the seller and to be chosen by the buyer in the event that stud dog is not alive and or fertile or the buyer does not agree to pay the difference in value

The seller’s obligations set out above, shall only apply to a single (1st) replacement or refund and are only binding on the seller where:

      1. The goods have been surgically implanted in the bitch

      2. Within 24 months of the date of the delivery of the goods

      3. Approval of Veterinary clinic used for insemination of goods, replacement only based on sellers discretion

      4. Evidence, in the form of written confirmation from the inseminating clinic, is provided to the reasonable satisfaction of the seller demonstrating the following:

      • The goods have been surgically inseminated
      • At time of insemination, the bitch was in good health and no abnormalities were detected by the veterinarian
      • An ultrasound was conducted by a registered veterinarian between 28 and 35 days post insemination
      • The bitch failed to conceive or whelp no more than 1 live puppy

For the avoidance of doubt, the obligations set out above will not apply of be binding to the seller where frozen semen goods have been:

Inseminated by vaginal or trans-cervical insemination (unless prior written approval from seller)