Sires On Ice offers a range of services related to semen transport and reproduction, which depend on the particular clinic used. See Clinics

Services may include:
- Worldwide International and Domestic Transport
- Quarantine Inspections of Semen
Export/Import Paperwork
- Frozen Semen Collections and Freeze

- Chilled Semen Collections
- Mobile Semen Collections – (At Shows or at the Kennel)
- Progesterone Testing
- Pregnancy Health Management
- Caesarians
- Litter vaccinations, microchipping, and associated health treatment
- Artificial Inseminations – natural matings, Trans Cervical Insemination (TCI) and Surgical. Our success rate in pregnancies resulting from insemination is currently higher than 90%.
- Domestic and International Semen Storage Facilities

We can assist you with arranging frozen semen from within Australia or overseas, through the stages of collection, freezing and preparing Quarantine paperwork adhering to necessary import requirements. In arranging import permits, Sires On Ice ensures your privacy is maintained at all times.

NOTE THAT Clients need to make their own arrangements with stud dog owners to ensure stud dogs are presented for collection, and to obtain whatever paperwork is needed to register the semen in their name with registering bodies once imported successfully, other than the paperwork related to the semen collection.